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Mar 22 2013, 02:25 PM
I know I probably stand alone on this board but Freddie Smith is a very strong actor when given the right material. Today he was awesome as was Blake. The fight scenes between Sonny and Nick were all kinds of awesome. It was the highlight of the past couple of weeks on this show. This is the kind of writing this show needs all the way around with all their stories. It's too bad not enough airtime is devoted to stuff like this. I love how they let Nick say the actual word "faggot" and just like a person would do in real life, Sonny literally went right after NIck, grabbing his face and everything.

But soon after, I came off my high. Nick and Gabi got followup that made sense and seemed uncut. Wilson on the other hand was once again robbed of what should have been good followup scenes. Their one scene together seemed like it was cut off and just seemed to ruin what previously happened. It would have been nice to see Sonny show some after effects to Nick calling him a "faggot" and him fighting Nick because of that. I will give the show props for many aspects of telling this gay story but it is failing on other aspects. The disregard that seems to be given to any type of emotional scenes for Will and Sonny is awful. They cut Will telling Sonny about shooting EJ and today also seemed cut off. They barely kiss and when they do it also seems cut off and very short. It's too bad because Will and Sonny have a very nice story they are involved in but the actual writing for them as a couple is almost disregarded and is why they are falling flat for me. They can't just throw Wilson into a story and expect Wilson to be interesting when they don't devote enough airtime to important scenes for them especially when it comes to their emotional and intimate connection.

I loved the Sami/EJ/Kristen scenes. The way Kristen welcomed Sami in was just too funny! Can't wait to see everybody living together at the mansion.

The Dannifer scenes once again were given too much airtime. If only they could have taken 5 minutes away from them and devoted it to some emotional followup for Will and Sonny I wold have been happier. Instead their borefest is shoved non stop while other scenes are chopped up for other couples that are a lot more interesting...well at least to me.
Great post! I totally agree with you. I wish the writers would read this and get a clue.
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