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I thought the episode was setting up things to come.. Liv/Fitz finally talking.. Well sort of.. It's a start. lol

We found out that Jake is willing to do whatever is nessessary to protect his secret. I'm still not sure if he's all bad though.. Really it's nothing that the rest of them haven't done.. But that smile into the camera was creepy as hell.

Huck and Quinn, I like this dynamic. Love that he's taken her under his wings. Those two will do some crazy things together, I'm counting on it.

Mellie and Cyrus dueling over Fitz is awesome. I like it but now they have a common enemy, Jake. You just know that they are going to be the ones that expose Jake's relationship with Olivia.. Then bye bye Jake! lol

Abby and Harrison, they are so good together.. They have a good vibe but I can't tell if its brother/sister or romantic.. I'm trying to figure it out.

Cyrus and Liv have a special relationship... They fight against each other but they also depend on each other.. It's crazy!

Also Mellie.. I don't hate her even though she's a bitch. She's doing the best she can. It can't be easy knowing that her husband is love with someone else.

Can't wait until Olivia and Fitz are in the same room again.. The chemistry between those two make me question things.. Sometimes I'm not sure if its Tony/Kerry or Liv/Fitz..... Yes I said that!!!! lol
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