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Director: Albert Alarr
Scriptwriter: Richard Cullition

Segment 1: Brady returns to the living room of the DiMera mansion. Hi fiancee. Kristen loves the sound of that word. Brady apologises that the conference call took so long. Kristen promises not to be that wife that sits by the door with a frying pan. Brady - Have you told your Dad yet? No, he's in Chicago so she's going to have hold on hiring that skywriter. Brady - I hope he takes the news better than my Dad did. Kristen - You're grumpy. No, he's tired. Kristen - We have the whole house to ourselves. Do you want to pick up where we left off? Brady has to go back out. There's someone I have to tell about this and I want to do it face to face. Kristen - You have to do this tonight? Brady - It can't wait. So you understand. Kristen does. I want to be with you but like you said we have the rest of our lives to be together, right? And you want to tell whoever this is in the best possible way. Brady - This decision was sudden. Kristen - I know a lot of people are less then thrilled so do what you have to do. They kiss. Kristen tells him she's so happy. He leaves. Kristen - Something's very wrong.

EJ and Sami talk about moving into the DiMera mansion. EJ says he knows it's not the most romantic place for a new beginning. Sami is thrilled because she believes EJ is willing to deal with his father just to help her. We need to get Will out of the situation with Nick. That is incredibly romantic to her. But if your sister gets in my face I'm going to deck her.

When Sonny hears the door close he says Sorry we're ... He sees that it's Nick. What the hell do you want? Nick - Where the hell is Will? I asked you where your boyfriend is. Sonny - I heard you. Nick - Don't tell me that you don't know because Gabi's not home either. They're obviously together, aren't they? Sonny - Wasting your time Fallon. I don't have to tell you a damn thing.

Gabi asks Will if he's really okay with giving up his little girl. Please tell me. I need to hear it from you. Will - No I'm not okay with it. I'm the opposite of okay. It is tearing me apart. Gabi - I'm sorry. I didn't want things to be like this. Will - Me either. Gabi - But we can work things out right? We're friends; we're always going to be friends. If it weren't for you I wouldn't be having this little girl so we're together; we're connected for life, right? Will - I'm sorry, I shouldn't have even said anything. It hurts but I know I did the right thing and plus my mom would have never left you alone. She's possessed or something. Gabi - Yeah, she's very scary. Will - Do you remember when you, Nick and I were the only ones who knew. If only Chad had kept his big mouth shut. Gabi - But he didn't and now everybody knows. What are people going to say when they find out you signed that paper? Will - I will deal with that when I come to it. I can't think about it right now. Gabi - Will, I know why you did this.

Chloe watches as Dan and Jen make love. Jen hears a noise. Dan did too. Dan goes to check even though Jen teases him she saw a bear out there once. Dan goes out armed with a broom - sees nothing. Chloe hides in the bushes sniveling.

Segment 2: Kristen is coming down the stairs in her lingerie to answer the door. Hey baby, I gave Harold the night off so you and I ... she opens the door to Sami and EJ. Sami - Let me guess, you're cleaning toilets.

Brady tells Eric that he already told his Dad so the whole world's going to know soon but I wanted to tell you personally. Eric - You've seen proof of who Kristen really is and you dumped her? Eric - Not exactly. I asked her to marry me. Eric - You know I was wrong about you. You're not a complete jerk, you're a moron.

Will - What do you think you know? Gabi - That Nick made some kind of deal with you because he knows something about your family that could hurt them if it got out. Will - Did he tell you what it is? Gabi - No, but I know he used it to convince you to sign those papers. Will - Convince ... is that the word that he used? Gabi - I don't want to start on Nick. He just wants to protect me and the baby. Will - Do you really think you and the baby need to be protected from me?

Nick - I know you don't like me but you need to tell me where Will is. Sonny - If I don't what are you going to do about it? You going to dig up some dirt from my past, use it to force me to sign some legal agreement that I have to tell you where Will is. Nick - I needed to protect Gabi from Sami. Sonny - That's bull. You need it to protect Will's daughter from the gay boys, right? Because you can't stomach the idea of the two of us having anything to do with that child. Nick - For once you actually got it dead right.

Chloe returns home crying. Nancy asks what's wrong. Chloe - I went to the cabin. Nancy - Things didn't work out the way you planned surprise, surprise. Chloe - I saw them. They were making love. Nancy - You watched them making love! You should not have ... Chloe - Please don't yell at me. It's over. It'a all over. I've lost Daniel for good.

Segment 3: Chloe - Daniel loves Jennifer and she knows it now. When I looked in that window I wanted to die. Nancy - Don't die, think and I'll help and this time I'll come up with a strategy. Chloe - Nothing is going to work. Nancy - You're beautiful, you're talented and you're way sexier than that Jennifer Horton ever thought of being. Okay she's blonde, she's thin, borderline rich but you have something she'll never have. You have Parker. Jennifer will never give Daniel a kid. You just have to think of her as a little blip on the radar screen, turbulence that you've got to ride out. You've got to think about your long term goals. Chloe - You don't know Daniel the way that I do. Nancy - He's a man, that's all I need to know. Chloe - There's a lot more. Nancy - Maybe but I know that he's a man and he can't keep it in his pants. Chloe - That's gross and it's not true. Nancy - Right. Chloe - I know him better than you do. I know him better than anybody. I remember what it is what like when he fell in love with me. I had his whole heart and soul and I threw it away. He would never have cheated on me or left me and he won't do that to Jennifer either, not in a million years!

Jen and Dan talk about happy they are and how they made it - they're together. Dan - I'm never letting go of you again, ever.

Brady - Well I'm glad you don't judge. Eric - Morons are very dear to God. Brady - I suppose this means you won't be marrying us, right? Eric - I didn't say that. I'm really glad you told me in person. Who else knows? Brady - Just you and Dad. Eric - How did he take the news? Brady - How do you think he took the news! Eric - So Victor, my mom, Sami? Brady - Nobody knows. Eric - For a happy guy you're not shouting it from the roof. Brady - I'm here. I told you. Eric - Yes you did and I'm glad. I know how strongly you feel about Kristen and you wouldn't propose if it's not what you wanted. Brady - That is right. Eric - I hope you'll be happy. No matter how I feel about Kristen I'll always want the best for you. Brady - Thanks. Eric - What's on your mind? Brady - Nothing ... That's not true. There is something. If I talk about it with you do you promise not to make a smart remark about it? Eric won't. Brady - I'm scared.

EJ tells Kristen they came to see father. Kristen - He's not here. Do you want me to give him a message? EJ - No we'll be here when he gets back. We're moving in. Kristen - That's wonderful. She hugs Sami - How good of you to do that. Chad is thinking about moving in, you and the kids are moving in; father's going to be so pleased. Just wait until Brady finds out, he's going to be ecstatic. Sami notices Kristen's ring - What is that!

Gabi - I know that the baby and I don't have to be protected from you. It's your mom. Will - I'm the one who's going to suffer though. My name is not going to be on the birth certificate. I'm not going to be able to see my baby. Gabi - Who said you can't see your baby? Will - Why do you think that Nick did this? Gabi - You're the one who started this. You asked me for a paternity test. Will - I did that because ... Gabi - It was what your mom and EJ wanted. Look, I never, ever told you that you weren't the father of this baby so why should I need a paternity test unless your mom and EJ wanted to sue for custody of the baby. Will - I would never do that and I thought you knew that about me. Gabi - Well I never thought you would ask me for a paternity test. Obviously your mom pushed you into that so how do Nick and I know that she's not going to push you into suing for custody of the baby. Will - So what you think is I'm such a pushover I would just let that happen. Gabi - Your mom has a way of getting people to do things ... you know that. Now she can't. Will, I would never, ever stop you from being with your daughter or from being in her life. Will - Well you better work that out with Nick.

Sonny - People said you used to be a decent guy. Nice, understanding, open-minded. What the hell happened to you? Nick - That easy guy was weak. He got hooked on pain pills and he ended up killing someone. Sonny - So this is you being strong? Hating Will and me because we love each other. Blackmailing your own cousin to keep him away from his OWN child. Nick - I'm taking care of Gabi. That's why I have to find her and I swear to God if Will ... Sonny - If Will what ... Nick starts to leave. Sonny goes after him - You're not going to hurt him again. Sonny grabs him. Nick - Get your hands off me faggot. Sonny punches him. Nick gets up and pushes Sonny back.

Segment 4: Nick pushes Sonny away. I know what you're trying to do. Sonny - Beat the crap out of a bigot! Nick - You're trying to report me and get my parole revoked. Sonny - You think the whole world is out to get you. Is that how you think? Nick - You don't know what I've been through. Sonny - You need to get some help. You need to talk to a priest or a shrink so they can tell you how messed up you are. Nick - I don't need to talk to anyone. I love Gabi and that's all I need. Sonny - If you're so happy why are you trying to destroy Will? Nick - Will's got you, right? He's going to be just fine. He leaves.

Brady - I'm been engaged twice to women I have loved. Both of those women are dead. Every woman that seems to care about me ends up paying an awful price. Eric - What happened to those women was a horrible coincidence, not a plan. God doesn't work that way. Brady - I keep telling myself that but now that Kristen and I are getting married I've got a lot of anxiety about this. I don't want to lose her. I can't.

Kristen - Sorry, didn't mean to spring this on you. I just assumed Brady told you but yes, we are getting married. Isn't that wonderful! A barely civil conversation ensues. Kristen - Once we do get married I'm going to have a sister again ... yay!

Chloe - You're being unfair to Daniel. He was always faithful to the women in his life starting with his first love Rebecca. Nancy - He fathered a daughter that he didn't even know about and he broke up your marriage. To me, that's a player. Chloe - He would have loved to take responsibility for Melanie and he did not break up my marriage. I was the one who was unfaithful to Lucas, you know that. Nancy - Let me ask you this, how come you were able to let Vivian Alamain convince you that Daniel and Carly were sleeping together if he's so loyal and true in your mind. Chloe - Because I was still that same geeky, insecure girl from high school on the inside. And I just couldn't believe that someone like Daniel could totally be in love with someone like me but he was! Nancy - This is not beauty and the beast. Chloe - Would you stop it with the lame jokes. Nancy - I am just trying to give you a reality check here. What about Daniel and Nicole? What about that? Chloe - They were just having fun together and then Nicole fell in love. As soon as Daniel realised that he broke it off because he didn't want to use Nicole. He knew that he only loved Jennifer and I saw that tonight. He loves Jennifer the same way he loved Rebecca and the only way he'll ever leave her is if she asks him to.

Gabi - Nick's not going to have a problem with you seeing the baby. Will - Did he say that? Gabi - No, but I know him Will. Will - No you don't and you married a guy you don't even know. Gabi - So what is it that I don't know? Nick shows up. Gabi, I've been looking everywhere for you.

Segment 5: Nick - Will, what's going on? Gabi - Will thinks you want to keep him totally out of the baby's life. Nick - What! No I never said anything like that. I think it should be up to you to decide Will's place in our life, of course. Gabi turns to Will - See, everything's going to be fine. Nick - Babe, you look pretty tired. I don't want to take any chances. I think I should take you home. They leave.

Jen and Dan are dressed now. He puts down a jewelry box on the table. Jen - Oh dear, all I gave you was a ham sandwich. Dan has had this in his coat pocket for weeks. He wanted to give it to her both times they went away. She opens it. It's a sapphire and diamond necklace. Jen - This is so beautiful. It's my birthstone. He puts it on for her. It's perfect. Jen - Thank you. Dan - The jeweler told me everything the designer makes is one of a kind, just like you. I am so happy that I had just the right moment to give it to you. Jen - Me too. Dan - Because this night is a whole new beginning. They kiss.

Chloe - When I found out Parker was Daniel's son, I was so happy. It's like a miracle happened. I thought I was finally going to ge the life I should have been living this whole time; in this apartment with the love of my life and our child. It's all I ever wanted and I can't have that with anyone else. She cries - What am I going to do?

Eric - Thanks for being understanding and thanks for listening to me. I know you're not a fan of this marriage. Eric - Given what Kristen did to mom do you think that's unreasonable. Brady - She had a meltdown. She went off the rails. It was a long time ago. Aren't you supposed to be touting forgiveness all Holy Week? Eric - I've forgiven Kristen. I want her to have a long and happy life. Brady - You just don't want her to have a long and happy life with me. Eric - There's too much history there. Brady - Well thanks for being upfront about your feelings. I appreciate that. My own father ... he looked me dead in the eye and lied to me about everything. Eric - About what? Brady - About being able to accept Kristen in my life. He wasn't truthful. He just wanted to get something incriminating on her. Eric - Are you sure? Brady - I heard him saying it to your mom. Eric - They're talking? Brady - Kristen is the only subject they truly agree on. They'll do anything to get something on her. Your mom broke into Kristen's hotel room and went through her private journal. She even wore a wire at one point to get her to say something to use against her. They keep trying these things and they never give up. Eric - If you marry Kristen you'll probably have to live with that. Brady - Why? Can't they understand that maybe she's changed. Is that so impossible? Look at your life. You know better than anyone that it's possible to change, right?

EJ tells Kristen they'll be back in the morning to give father the news. EJ asks Sami to wait in the car for him. She leaves. EJ - That situation certainly changed very quickly. Let me ask you something. Now that you have what you wanted are you sure you still want it?

Segment 6: Kristen - I am as sure of this as I am of anything I've ever done. EJ hopes she will be happy. I'm very sorry if the conversation we had earlier offended you. Kristen - Oh please, you and I and Sami and Brady are going to be living under the same roof as Stefano. You better hope to God I've got thick enough skin not to be offended when you tell me what you think. EJ - It's going to be a very interesting domestic situation, isn't it? Kristen - It's like the first chapter of an Agatha Christie novel, so many suspects. EJ - We'll just have to wait and see what crime happens first. Kristen - Except it's the DiMera mansion. There can't be just one. EJ laughs.

Eric - Of course I believe people can change especially when you love someone as much as you obviously love Kristen. Brady - I've changed too since I met her. When she first came to town I was at one of the lowest points of my life. I had just lost my fiancee Madison. I had lost hope. I didn't think I was going to love again. I didn't think I was going to be happy again. I understand that it's hard for you given the history Marlena has with Kristen but I was hoping that you could put that aside and focus on how happy she makes me. Eric - I'm working on it. Brady - It means a lot. Brady has to leave. Eric thanks him for coming by.

Nick and Gabi return to her room. Babe, you didn't say anything the whole way back. I thought maybe you'd be excited about moving in with Aunt Maggie and Victor, living in a mansion. Gabi - It's something that Will said. He said that I don't know you. Do I?

Jen is staring in a mirror at her necklace. It takes my breath away. Dan - You take my breath away. Jen - Daniel, wait.

Nancy brings Chloe some tea and then goes to check on a crying Parker. Chloe - Right I'm supposed to sit here drinking my tea while that bitch ... she doesn't deserve Daniel. She paces and stops and looks at a picture of Daniel and Parker. You know what, everything is going to be okay.

Segment 7: Will is with Sonny at the coffeehouse. Sonny asks if he's alright. Will is going to try to be. Gabi swears I'm going to be part of the baby's life. I just don't trust Nick. Sonny - You have no reason to trust Nick. Will - I know but she seems like she really means it though. Sonny - Like I said before, he's really got her snowed. Will - Yeah, she loves him so much she's going to give him anything he wants.

Nick - You know me better than anyone has my whole life and I love you more than I've ever loved anything. He kisses her.

Brady has returned. Kristen - So now EJ and Sami both know. Brady - It's okay. The more I think about it I think it's better Sami heard it from you rather than me. Kristen - EJ was with her so she had to behave. You seem like you're in a better mood than when you left. Brady - Yeah. I realised I was worrying about things that I don't need to worry about. You know what I want to do. I want to set a date ASAP. Let's do this. Kristen - I couldn't agree more.

Dan brings Jen a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream. Is something wrong? Jen - No, nothing's wrong. I just want to say thank you for fighting for me. Dan - We fought for each other and the fight is over. They kiss.

Nancy comes back into the living room. Nancy - Maybe the first step in giving up can be the beginning of getting over him. Chloe - Who says I'm giving up? Finally everything has become crystal clear. I know what I need to do for Daniel, for myself, most importantly for Parker and I will.
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