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Seeing Cliff giving the order to blow up the oil rig with his pregnant daughter on it has made me realize what this re-boot of Dallas has been missing: character-based drama as opposed to plot-based. I even feel that that's what was perhaps missing for me during JR's funeral episode. There were things I liked about it (Sue Ellen and Bobby breaking down in his room and the more subdued opening) but I didn't find that they truly captured JR Ewing and the inter-personal dynamics of the Ewing family. This was particularly apparent to me in the brotherly relationships. There should have been something (flashback, dialogue) to explore the fact that JR didn't really count Gary and Ray as brothers like he did Bobby. I remember a scene when JR is talking to Sue Ellen and he says "Gary and Ray...what's a family for if it can't take care of its losers?" and all his put-downs of Ray. This could have been shown subtly by Bobby's giving a much longer eulogy than Gary and Ray. I also wished we could have seen more appreciation for JR's biting wit. For instance, when Christopher was talking about how when Pam disappeared JR told him he was a Ewing, he should have added something like "as long as you stay out of John Ross's way" or something along those lines.
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