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Nah Thursday and Friday were clean aside from whatever might have been happening locally around the country, but with your math...which I also did a couple pages back...the show had a realistic drop, assuming people didn't come back from the Pope pre-emption. We have seen the show lose that many in a realistic week before. They really shouldn't excluded Wednesday and it would look bad, instead of horrific.

I always say I get worried when the show is in the 2.3M range and I think that's where they would be even if the Pope didn't screw things up for them. It looks like they were trending down anyway. Next week will be interesting. I do think the NCAA tournament has a negative effect on the show's ratings because I will even watch if its a good game or later in the week when its the later rounds. So some of that can be accounted for this coming week too, but I don't think its a major factor.
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