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TSW has been updated through episode #50 (air date: 6/8/56). The police question Lou. Another Alden family crisis causes everyone to rethink how they're handling things. Valerie feels threatened. Irene makes plans to meet Craig's new girlfriend. Maggie rededicates herself to protecting her family.

an excerpt:
Betty hurries to answer the loud banging on the back kitchen door and opens it to find a furious Maggie on the back step. Before Betty even has a chance to greet her, Maggie pushes her way into the house, nearly knocking Betty down in the process. As a result, Betty’s demeanor quickly changes as her last bit of cordialness slips away and she demands to know why Maggie feels the need to barge into her home. Maggie calmly (yet very coldly) responds by asking Betty if the twins were in her home gorging themselves on ice cream. Betty admits that the twins did stop by for a visit earlier before going off to play with some of their friends down the street. She also admits to treating them to ice cream cones. Maggie’s questions cause Betty to become concerned that the kids haven’t come home and she becomes worried about them. Maggie assures her that they’re both home and fine, but accuses Betty of interfering in her family’s lives. “I assure you, Mrs. Keys, that your meddlesome behavior is neither wanted nor needed and I don’t want you luring them over here again,” Maggie snaps. Although Betty attempts to set Maggie straight, Maggie turns on her heel and storms out of the house, only pausing long enough to turn back and warn Betty to stay away from her family. “And that goes double for that daughter of yours, too!”

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