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About.com Spoilers March 25 to 29

Monday, March 25

Pushed to the limit, Will has an abrupt change of heart.

Will finally realizes Sami is right; they need to ask Stefano to get rid of Nick.

Tuesday, March 26

A misunderstanding over Will pulls Kate and Rafe apart, but when each realizes they were wrong, they come together and things get amorous.

DVR Alert: Sonny is shocked to see Kate and Rafe together and prepares to tell Will all.

Wednesday, March 27

Daniel and Jennifer return from their blissful reunion on Smith Island, and Daniel heads off to lay down the law with Chloe.

DVR Alert: Jennifer heads home and is confronted by none other than a frosty Chloe.

Thursday, March

Kristen is visited by Sy, the mugger she hired who beat up Brady, and kicks him out when he asks for more money.

DVR Alert: So the thug contacts Marlena…

Friday, March 29

Jennifer is stunned when Chloe delivers an ultimatum: either Jennifer gives up Daniel or Chloe will make sure he never sees Parker again.

DVR Alert: After moving into the Kiriakis mansion and celebrating his new life with Gabi, Nick comes face-to-face with a menacing Vargas.

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