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Y&R was down -300,000 from the Friday before so they were up from Wednesday (When is the last time Y&R was below 3.0?) but they didn't fully rebound. It hit DAYS the hardest, but we have already said the show sucks so that has to be taken into account lol. Plus Y&R has been doing its 40th anniversary run this whole month so I'm not impressed with their numbers at all.

GH had a horrible Friday, but Thursday and Tuesday have basically the same numbers. DAYS is the only show that really got massacred by the Pope, ha. That's why I'm not trying to make too many excuses for them. There are extreme circumstances in play, but when you're the lowest rated show it should be HARDER to lose viewers, not easier.
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Ratings for the Week of March 11-15, 2013 · General Daytime News