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For me, I have lost interest in Days completely because of Ejami. Dannifer was always boring, even when Mardar was writing for them, so their is nothing new there. but even if you hate Dannifer and EJami, the rest of the stories are not really that interesting either. It's like you have to permanently suspend belief if you want to watch this show, and I don't want to do that. Yes, the show may have some good moments, but am i suppose to watch waiting for another of those good moments when the stories themselves are crap.

I hate the fact that there is no one to root for. I don't like any of the characters behaviours, even the ones have made into complete idiots in order to tell there story. I Lost respect for Brady when he moved into the Dimera mansion. I thought he had principles.

Every single one of the male on the show they have turned into wimps, and when I say men, I am talking about the ones that they show all the time. The ones like Brady, EJ, Daniel, Will, and I would say Rafe but they gave him back some backbone when he dumped Sami.

I hate the way they write the women also. Chloe who I was so looking forward to watching with the hope that Danloe would get back together, has been reduced to just an interloper who constantly schemes to get nowhere. Who wants to watch that week after week. It is the same thing they had Nicole doing, and I use to cringe when she would not get the message. Now they are using Chloe. Dont want to sit and watch that. I keep hoping that Chloe would respect herself and just give up. and move on with her son but, they are not letting that happen, she just continues to embarrass herself. Well, I feel embarrassed for her, so cant watch.

Sami is left with no principles/values, and would sell her soul to the devil to get what she wants. Nothing to respect there.

I was interested in Eric and Nicole but, I already hate the turn of evidents. Nicole is once again lusting after not one man but now two men. and none of these females or males are seen to be doing anything constructive. It is just all about lust, and sex, and scheming and insults and lame fights.

I find it so ridiculous that they have to recruit Stephano's help to get rid of Nick. He is homophobic, and apart from not wanting Will to be a part of his baby's life and throwing out insulting words to Sonny and Will, he has done nothing for them to need the help of Stefano. I could understand it a bit more if before they went to Stefano, they are seen to try all the other avenues they have. Will is related to more than half of Salem, and his relations make up part of the police force. His boyfriend's Dad is a lawyer. I guess this has become Sami's story not Wills, thus the need for Stefano and the excuse for her to move into the Dimera mansion.

Gabi - they have to make Gabi clueless in order to continue with this baby story.

Abie- totally wasted as an actress, her story is lame.

Jennifer is doing nothing else but talking about Daniel, chasing Daniel, breaking up with Daniel, and getting back with Daniel while fighting Chloe over him.

The rest like Justine, Adrienne, Hope, who I still have some respect for, they hardly show and I guess that is why I still have respect for them. They are hardly writing anything for them, otherwise their character would also be destroyed.

Nothing is happening on Days. The so called romances they have going on, are dull, dull, dull.

So, these ratings do not surprise me. They will probably continue to fluctuate, up, down, up, down. because people really do want to watch the show but, these writers make it difficult by the nonsense they put on. Too many things to roll your eyes at.
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