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i don't know if Hollyoaks is one of the most brilliant shows or one of the DUMBEST.... i mean this show struggles hard with the nerves of the viewer and the audience

so they make an lesbian couple..kill people off.... then they did an AWESOME story with Carmel and Calvin + Mercedes in the mix and later Calvin + Theresa and Theresa got pregnant and kills Calvin... the wedding/whodunnit-week was the best ever.. and Hollyoaks had an strong revamp and useless character were written off and strong characters were introduced like the castellos and the transgender story... Brendan etc.
what happens ? SILAS - THE SERIAL KILLER...One of THE BEST Storys in YEARS of Soap Opera History and whats going on after it finished ? it was getting lazy and boring again.

and in 3 years they had 3 - 4 cast changes and revamps which isn't even funny anymore and the last revamp was the worst. they killed off Maddie, the perfect b*ch. killed of Rhys... WTF ? RHYS ? WHY ? and now Jaqui is leaving and everytime when they want to get rid of an character the character has to die... i mean how many teens died from 2011 to 2013 in this show.... 6 - 8 ? thats getting ridiculous

the storys in the moment are so lame and the whole atmosphere... and now they kill off my favorite character (Don't spoil anything but it's a bummer for me because she is involved right now and that big time and now it's not jaqui)
sinead's pregnancy story is boring as hell and this other chick annoys me. this dark hair girl
the mcqueens are getting more and more boring and have always the same crap to play and it's not even funny anymore
ONLY Brendan saved the show for months but that ends now too. Warren was a good one too who realized how crap Hollyoaks is.
JP's return to the show was so useless now... yeah now it's getting on with JP and Doug and later Ste in the mix. i bet my a$$ off because that is what hollyoaks writter do..repeat storys and create the same plots... the writter are so LAZY. even i could write an better soap then they do.
Hollyoaks has his highs and downs and now it's a down low and everyone will realize it when brendan is gone for good.
Gemma Bissex returns as Clare... i don't think that she can replace Brendan as Villain.

i mean Hollyoaks has some awesome characters which are getting ruined after a time by the lazyness of the writter... this soap has potential but it doesn't get used... what a shame
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