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Mar 23 2013, 09:56 PM
These writers sure are working hard to explain away Daniel's past -- you know, the one they helped write for him.

This time around they had Nancy be the voice of the audience and bring up Daniel's past indiscretions as a "player" only to have Chloe dismiss them all out of hand and insist that Daniel is ever-so-perfect, stalwart, and true. Apparently, this guy is so absolutely pristine he's not even allowed to have so much as a wart as a flaw. The writers are declaring that he can do no wrong and are decreeing that no one can dare say otherwise. Is there really no end to their pimping of this character?

Something tells me we're all going to hear far too much of the word "perfect" in reference to Fetch until we get a regime change. :rolleyes:
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