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Mar 24 2013, 12:01 AM
Who has Felix, Liz, Emma, and Ephiny pumping sunshine up their rear 24/7 and extolling their supposed virtues to Patrick? That's so annoying from my perspective. I hate the word "propping" because it is so subjective, but when you have 4 characters bragging left and right about how great a character is in one episode....that's propping. Plus, if Sabrina took the initative with Patrick instead of having everyone else persuade, beg, and manipulate Patrick to date her, I might have some respect for the character. She just sits and whines and expects things to be done for her.

At least Britt is fighting for what she wants (BTW, I'm not a huge Britt fan, but I have more tolerance for the character compared to Sabrina and she brings drama to the show unlike Sabrina).

While i prefer Liz with AJ, I would be in favor of her with Patrick over Sabrina.

Okay, I like Mac. His character is totally under utilized on this show. Maxine's mom should choose him.

I've also enjoyed Scotty's return.
I understand your concern about Sabrina, LPS.
It's funny because when you put it that way, GH's treatment of Sabrina is very similar to DAYS' treatment of Jennifer and Daniel, which fans on this board can't stand.
Yet, somehow, I like her. It might be because she's sweet and virginal. I bet she's a virgin. There's no way that girl is not a virgin.
I also love her backstory. that she got into nursing because of her mother, who was a rolemodel. so inspiring!
I just want to root for a good guy.
As for drama she brings, I'll re-iterate my Friday post. When Patrick is pacing back and forth and we're left on edge wondering whether he's going to her graduation, that's drama.
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