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Mar 23 2013, 02:18 AM
Mar 23 2013, 01:23 AM
AFaithL I don't know how to copy pieces of someone's post to insert into my post. I totally agree with your comment about John and Marlena being a team involved in all of their children's and grandchildren's lives.
This whole mess is a writing problem. John and Marlena are being written poorly.
Drake has certainly stated his misgivings about his current portrayal, and Deidre has tried to post positive things about the J&M characters on her Facebook page to help their fans hang in there.
However, I don't trust Tomlin to ever write well for them.
Like I said, I guarantee you that writing J&M out of character was a factor in the ratings drop last week. And it will be a factor in the low ratings this week, too. People see John and Marlena as the stable, bedrock couple giving shelter to the turmoil of the younger pairings. I believe KC once called them a "tentpole" couple. Meaning, if that tentpole is removed (i.e written OOC) that the "tent" collapses (meaning the show collapses).

You can get away with screwing around with other couples and their personalities, because they are less ingrained into the show. But you can't do that to long-term veterans and expect people to keep watching. Until John and Marlena - specifically - are acting like themselves, people will turn off their tv sets.
I know it has completely turned me off. When you don't recognize a character that has been on a show for as long as the character of John has...all for some agenda that has yet to be revealed...seriously I think they just want the audience to hate John..nothing more....what hope is there for the show? From the few episodes I've watched in the last month, there is no joy at all. It's just mean and nasty all around. I've watched soaps long enough to know they are going to pair up Marlena and Roman and there is no way I'm watching that. John and Marlena were the only couple they had left that gave some continuity to the show (not to mention they had stayed together through thick and thin, very rare on a soap opera) and as others have pointed out...they have connections to most of the charters on the show. John is a Brady/Dimera for heaven sakes. Very sad.
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