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If TPTB actually do split John and Marlena, I'm done with the show completely. Fauxman can be there for Marlena as a friend, that's fine - but anything else? Puke. John may still be working a plan to get Kritter away from Brainless but since we don't have any indication, we're left to wonder if he does or if they're trying to make us hate him. That, for me, won't happen. I think once Marlena gets the information about the muggers & starts to blackmail Kritter this s/l might move along...it's been SO SLOW lately - along with all the other s/l's - it's ridiculous. I'm still holding out hope that John and Marlena will reunite - nobody does angst & romance better than Deidre & Drake - because if TPTB are stoooopid enough to get rid of them (as well as all the other supercouples), then they not only deserve the shitty ratings they have, but cancellation as well.
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