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My big issue with Sabrina is I think her role and Elizabeth's should be reversed. Hence, Elizabeth is the one driving the story with Sabrina playing a supporting role. I would rather have seen both Elizabeth and Patrick slowly getting over their issues (hers with dependency on men and him working through the grieving process) and finding their way to each other. That said, I do like the friendship that's developed with Elizabeth and Sabrina---she has needed a friend since Emily died---and Sabrina's connection to Emily's old boyfriend Juan was a nice nod to history. And, this is a show called General Hospital, so it makes sense to have character interactions and story lines developing at the hospital.

I did find Felix and Sabrina acting a little juvenile yesterday---not many adults I know would act like that during a graduation. No one at my master's graduation ceremony behaved like they did.

I hope the returning vets are written true to character. While Ron and Frank have done wonders for Luke, I sometimes feel Ron doesn't have a handle on a few characters, especially Dante. And there is no way in hell you can tell me Sonny Corinthos belongs anywhere near this DID stuff. When he told Kate "I love Kate...and Connie" I laughed out loud not because it was funny but because it was so wildly out of place for his character. But, I do like how Carly has some layers back now.
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