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10:00 PM [Episode # 1; Year 1963] - In the very first episode of “General Hospital,” Angie is distraught about the damage to her face from the accident; Peggy is frustrated when business ruins a night out on the town with her fiance, Steve Hardy; the tension continues to grow in Jessie and Phil’s marriage.

10:30 PM [Episode # 209; Year 1981] - Luke and Laura prepare for their nuptials.

11:30 PM [Episode # 210; Year 1981] - Luke and Laura are finally married – but how long will their happiness last after Elizabeth Taylor’s Helena Cassadine puts a curse on them and Laura’s ex, Scotty, shows up to catch the bouquet.


12:30 AM [Episode # 7,833; Year 1993] - Just as their raft is headed over the falls, Luke and Laura are saved by a helicopter; Jason and Brenda feel guilty when they realize the truth about Karen.

1:30 AM [Episode # 7,913; Year 1994] – Luke and Laura tell Lucky he’s going to be a big brother; Steve and Audrey help Miguel get a job at the Outback; Robin and Stone are excited to learn they’re both in Jagger and Karen’s wedding party; Brenda and Sonny flirt at Kelly’s.

2:30 AM [Episode # 11,164; Year 2006] - After awakening from her coma, Laura has an emotional reunion with her family; Ric devises a plan to falsify evidence and frame Sam; Alexis agrees to let Sonny and Carly take car of her kids while she’s in the hospital.

3:30 AM [Episode # 17; Year 1963] - Doctor’s Hardy and Brewer work on a difficult case; Peggy tells Jessie about her difficult break-up with Dr. Hardy and Jessie confides in Peggy that she’s insecure about the age difference between herself and her younger husband, Phil Brewer.

4:00 AM [Episode #237; Year 1979] – As Lesley struggles to help Monica give birth at home, Monica blurts out that Rick is the father of her baby; Alan and Rick rush through a storm to try and save Monica and her son; Edward and Tracy fear for the worst.

5:00 AM [Episode # 88; Year 1980] – Rick and Lesley are both hurting on the day of their divorce; Jennifer invites Laura and Scotty for a day of sailing with her and Luke; Dan is frustrated with Jessie’s continued refusal to marry him; Jeff wonders about his future with Anne.

6:00 AM [Episode # 112; Year 1980] – Monica gets a blood test to try and prove that Alan is her baby’s father; Luke storms over to confront his boss, Frank Smith, for lying and leaves Bobbie and Ruby afraid for their futures; Amy tells Alan she’ll keep his secrets.

7:00 AM [Episode # 124; Year 1980] – At the Fourth of July party, Scotty and Laura make plans for their first anniversary; Bobbie covers for Luke so he can search Frank Smith’s office for the black book; Monica wants Alan to admit he tried to kill her and Rick.

8:00 AM [Episode # 146; Year 1980] – On the run from Frank Smith, Luke and Laura take time out to spend a romantic night together dancing in Wyndham’s Department store unaware that Hutch is there too.

9:00 AM [Episode # 21; Year 1981] – Heather sneaks out of the sanitarium and prepares to kill Diana; Jeff is furious with Diana when she finally tells him that PJ is Steve Lars; Alan shows Susan the new love nest he’s bought for her.

10:00 AM [Episode # 142; Year 1981] – Luke, Laura and Robert make themselves comfortable on the island – until they discover that the Cassadine’s are directly underground; Tiffany is furious that Victor and Mikkos won’t allow her outside; Hutch and Rose grow closer; Jessie and Dan offer their support to Rick and Lesley.

11:00 AM [Episode # 171; Year 1981] – As zero hour approaches, will Luke be able to crack the code for the weather machine and save Port Charles? Laura and Robert convince Victor to help their cause; Noah, Anne and Rose attend to those in need at Kelly’s Diner.

12:00 PM [Episode # 211; Year 1981] – Luke and Laura arrive at the Whitaker’s farm for their honeymoon; Scotty continues to rage about Luke and Laura, much to Lee and Gail’s dismay; Robert is hesitant to commit to Tiffany.

1:00 PM [Episode # 14; Year 1983] – Holly agrees to marry Robert so she won’t be deported; Luke recovers from surgery; Susan is outraged when she discovers Scotty’s interference with baby Jason’s investments; Blackie finds a place to hide Lou.

2:00 PM [Episode # 84; Year 1983] – Luke and Holly have a confrontation when he returns to Port Charles and learns she’s now married to Robert; Blackie and Lou are relieved when Rose is legally named as Lou’s guardian.

3:00 PM [Episode # 160; Year 1984] – Frisco pulls the hat off the thief in his apartment and reveals Felicia; Jimmy Lee is convinced that Beatrice was murdered and the Quartermaine’s are involved; Robert questions Holly hoping to gain some inside information.

4:00 PM [Episode #114; Year 1986] – Frisco serenades Felicia as they’re married at the brownstone; Sean arranges a special wedding night for the newlyweds; Alan tries to catch Sean and Monica having an affair; Anna is intrigued by Port Charles newcomer, Duke Lavery.

5:00 PM [Episode # 7,133; Year 1991] – Robert and Anna’s desire to exact revenge upon each other turns passionate; Frisco is amused when he has to set Robert free from Anna’s trap; the protest against the ELQ ship goes awry; Robert is shocked to discover the man he’s just rescued is his brother.

6:00 PM [Episode # 7,967; Year 1994] – When an elated Frisco tells Tony they’ve found a heart donor for Maxie, Tony has to break the news that it’s BJ’s; Tony insists on being there for the procedure and shares a tearful goodbye with his daughter.

7:00 PM [Episode # 8,152; Year 1995] – Monica is uncomfortable with the idea of sex with Alan after her mastectomy; Mac is furious with Robin when she admits to having slept with Stone; Brenda gives advise to Stone.

8:00 PM [Episode # 8,220; Year 1995] – Luke and Sonny take out Scully’s men in a shootout at Luke’s house; Stone worries that his HIV positive blood has gotten on Robin; Brenda is scraped up and scared, but alive; Frisco and Felicia make love.

9:00 PM [Episode # 8,361; Year 1995] – Stone sees Robin one last time before he dies; Sonny offers his support; Lucy is convinced that Sigmund the duck is trying to tell her and Kevin that something is wrong.

10:00 PM [Episode # 8,381; Year 1995] – AJ fights with his family and storms off in a drunken rage; Jason tries to stop him from driving, but AJ won’t listen and the two end up in a fateful car crash; Brenda joins Robin and Sonny as they scatter Stone’s ashes.

11:00 PM [Episode # 08403; Year 1996] – The Quartermaine’s are shocked at Jason’s hostility towards them after his accident; Robin tells Brenda she’s attending Sonny and Lily’s wedding; Lois is determined to find a way for Ned to still sing in the band.


12:00 AM [Episode # 8,453; Year 1996] - Jax distracts a heartbroken Brenda with sunshine and shopping sprees, but she still dreams of Sonny; a mix-up has Ned and Lois rushing to the emergency room, each thinking the other is hurt; newcomer Carly Roberts arrives in Port Charles.

1:00 AM [Episode # 8,491; Year 1996] – Jax and Brenda are married on his yacht; Sonny and Lily’s joy over their baby announcement quickly turns to tragedy; Ned and Lois’ first anniversary celebration is interrupted by Edward.

2:00 AM [Episode # 8,524; Year 1996] – Lucky is furious at Laura when she admits that the stranger who saved Lulu’s life is actually his brother, Nikolas; the hospital staff reacts to the death of Steve Hardy; Jason manages to comfort both Carly and Robin.

3:00 AM [Episode # 8,547; Year 1996] – Robin convinces Jason she wants to be with him and the two spend a romantic night together in Montauk; Sonny celebrates Stone’s birthday; Nikolas and Stefan cause further conflict in Luke and Laura’s marriage.

4:00:30 AM [Episode # 8,586; Year 1996] – Bobbie finds Carly in bed with Tony, just as Luke discovers that Carly is Bobbie’s missing daughter, Caroline.

5:02 AM [Episode # 8,688; Year 1997] - Trapped in the cave thinking they’re going to die, Sonny and Brenda make love; Jax leads the search to find them; Stefan assures Bobbie that he married her for love; Laura says goodbye to an angry Nikolas.

6:00 AM [Episode # 8,804; Year 1997] - Carly carries out her plan, pouring vodka over a drugged AJ, then calling the Quartermaines to tell them he’s been drinking – thus ruining Alan and Monica’s anniversary celebration; charges are dropped against Sonny, Brenda, and Jax; Jason informs Sonny of his split with Robin, and convinces Sonny to re-hire him.

7:02 AM [Episode # 8,829; Year 1997] - Brenda is stunned when Sonny leaves her alone at the altar in front of friends and family on their wedding day; AJ wants to know if he is the father of Carly’s baby; Jax and V share a moment together.

8:00 AM [Episode # 8,883; Year 1997] - When Nikolas is seriously hurt in the shootout at Luke’s club, Jason’s past medical training kicks in and he saves him; Stefan thinks Luke was responsible for Nikolas’ injury.

9:00 AM [Episode # 8,926; Year 1998] - Carly shocks Bobbie with the news that she’s Bobbie’s daughter; Felicia decides who the real Mac is with a kiss; Robin urges Jason to tell AJ the truth about Michael.

10:00 AM [Episode # 8,931; Year 1998] - Lucky finds a bruised and battered Elizabeth in the bushes and brings her back to his house; Bobbie gives Elizabeth support and medical advice; Ned and Alexis celebrate Valentine’s Day and make love.

11:00 AM [Episode # 8,999; Year 1998] - At the Cassadines’ Bacchanalia Ball, Stefan and Katherine celebrate their engagement in grand style, while Brenda and Jax keep theirs a secret; Luke and Alexis plot Helena’s demise; Lucky and Elizabeth share a secret dance outside.

12:00 PM [Episode # 9,080; Year 1998] – Devastated over Brenda’s apparent death, Jax reflects on the highlights of their relationship; Elizabeth gives Lucky a meaningful gift and they share their first kiss.

1:00 PM [Episode # 9,166; Year 1999] – After Robin stuns AJ with the news that he’s Michael’s biological father, she rushes to tell Jason what she’s done; AJ confronts Carly; Emily is upset when she catches Nikolas and Katherine in bed together.

2:00 PM [Episode # 9,232; Year 1999] – In the aftermath of the fire, Lucky’s body is identified; Luke and Laura pay a traumatic visit to the morgue; Elizabeth mourns Lucky’s death; Laura breaks the news to Lulu.

3:00 PM [Episode # 10,318; Year 2003] – Elizabeth is stunned to find the panic room and Carly in it; Sonny starts to believe Jason that Ric is responsible for Carly’s disappearance; Dillon turns down Edward’s bail money when Edward insults Georgie; Nikolas and Zander tend to a fragile Emily.

4:00 PM [Episode # 10,467; Year 2004] – With the Port Charles Hotel on fire, Luke demands that they use a lottery system to organize who gets rescued by the helicopter first; Carly and Sonny fall through the hotel floor as it caves in; Emily is devastated to leave Nikolas behind in the burning building as she boards the helicopter.

5:00 PM [Episode # 10,673; Year 2004] – Nikolas and Emily wed knowing that Nikolas will soon be arrested for murder; Sam drunkenly kisses Jason; Luke plays along with Heather’s delusion in the hope of locating Skye and Laura.

6:00 PM [Episode # 10,912; Year 2005] – When the trains collide, Robin is trapped; Jason is determined to rescue Sam; Alexis goes into labor; Elizabeth fears for injured Lucky’s life.

7:00 PM [Episode # 10,979; Year 2006] – Bobbie and Lucas are at Tony’s side as he succumbs to the virus; Patrick tells Emily it’s up to her whether Sonny or Nikolas should get the anecdote; Carly and Jason form a plan to rescue Lucky.

8:00 PM [Episode # 11,177; Year 2006] – In an extravagant celebration, Luke and Laura renew their vows on the 25th anniversary of their first wedding; Jason and Sam find some time for romance amidst the danger that surrounds them and their new ally, Spinelli.

9:00 PM [Episode # 11,240; Year 2007] – In the aftermath of the hostage crisis, the victims are reunited with their loved ones; Elizabeth has a shocking revelation for Jason; the Quartermaines sit by Alan’s bedside as he fights for his life.

10:00 PM [Episode # 11,677; Year 2008] – Robin and Patrick introduce their family to newborn Emma Grace; Luke attempts to save Laura, who is trapped in Scotty’s car as it dangles over the edge of a cliff; Nikolas and Lulu break into Scotty’s hotel room.

11:00 PM [Episode # 12,692; Year 2012] – Ned and Skye return to town for Edward’s funeral; the Quartermaines reflect on their memories of Edward and then gather for a traditional Q Thanksgiving filled with fighting, family, and pizza.
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