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Here are some of my thoughts on how this show could be improved:

1. Philip and Craig Wesley come to Salem and announce not only is Parker Philip's but Maggie's eggs were really all destroyed in a fire so Daniel is not her eggbaby (I can't believe I just typed that sentence). Chloe, Philip, Craig, Nancy, and Parker all depart with Joy to New York, or they could stay on canvas.

2. Bristen set a date for their wedding in May, and all kinds of soapy drama happen at the wedding. I don't even care at this point what that drama would entail, and it doesn't even have to make a lot of logical sense. A lot of what Cartini have done on GH hasn't made a lot of sense, but I'm still oddly entertained. I want some "Holy Shit" moments at this event.

3. Jennifer suffers a mental breakdown and Bill Horton comes back to Salem to help her with her underlying daddy issues. They leave Salem together.

4. JJ comes back to Salem and lives with Abigail with their Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Justin. Both assume temporary custody of them.

5. If we can't get Peter Reckell back (Salem isn't the same without Bo), Hope and Ciara move into Tom and Alice's home. Bring Doug and Julie back to help with Ciara with all 4 under the same roof. Turn Doug and Julie into the first couple of Salem.

6. Lucas gets full custody of Allie, falls in love, gets married, and lives happily ever after.

7. Somehow return John Black to his crime-fighting roots and change his career from business to law enforcement. Keep John and Marlena as a couple who can sometimes disagree on things, but are deeply devoted to each other and are a united couple.

8. Daniel leaves Salem to go to a beach somewhere.

9. Give Victor and Stefano their titanium spines back.

10. Will could also use a spine transplant about now.

Finally, one of the things Frank Valentini has done at GH I've liked is he has redecorated a lot of the sets in Port Charles. Some of the changes haven't even been major (re-painting and putting new wallpaper up) but there are some sets at Days that could use some sprucing up. The hospital set, Horton home, and DiMera mansion are three that spring to mind.
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