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Mar 24 2013, 01:41 PM
Mar 24 2013, 10:50 AM
Defanged DiMera's? No offense, it could be where they're trying to take this...but the DiMera's were, are, and always should be evil bastards. EJ as a "nice guy" is as dull as dishwater and sorry, but Kritter will always be the scheming hosebeast that locked Marlena in a secret room then tried to give her to Fatha. Tony was a nice DiMera as was Lexie, but they could both get in touch with their inner bad-asses when they needed to. In my never-to-be-humble opinion, they need to kill off EJ, and send Kritter back to the looney bin. Then have Melanie get in touch with Chad because she wants to try to work things out...he gets his hopes up sky-high and minutes before their reunion, she is killed. Chad SNAPS and goes completely frickin insane, turning the coffeehouse into a front for stolen electronics and forged clothing/purses/etc (that could touch on Basic Black as well as Titan). Then Thaao Penglis (sp?) comes back as Vladimir - Tony & Andre's long lost other cousin (twin? Whichever) to try to take over the DiMera empire. Am I off on a tangent here? Probably - the coffee is starting to do it's job.
I do think the Dimeras have been defanged. Back in the day, they were responsible for the most diabolical activities to ever happen in Salem. Now I can't say that. I won't speak about EJ since I think he's the biggest p*ussy of them all right now, but Kristen? It's like the writers are caught between wanting to give Brady a romance and Kristen exacting revenge on John and the romance is winning by a mile or three (it should be the latter truthfully speaking). This show is in desperate need of a villain, a true super villain like the Stefano, Victor, Vivian, Kate, Lawrence, Peter, cray cray Kristen even black glove EJ of old (I'm not familiar with anyone else) because Nick and Chloe ain't cutting it for me not because they suck as villains but because they should be the good guys in different s/ls while the bad guys should actually be B.A.D. not these watered down versions desperately clinging to a man or woman whatever the case may be because it's the ONLY thing that matters. No one is rootworthy because they all look the same and are doing pretty much exactly the same things except for Nick and Chloe and John but only because his ooc behavior is so wtf?
The once dangerous EJ is nothing more than Sami's lapdog. If he has to take a piss he'll cross his legs and hold it if Sami won't give him permission. He's super excited about :cheer: lipstick and nailpolish :cheer: and :omg: :whee: have you tried his snickerdoodles!!! :licklips:
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