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But people hated those stories. IDK anyone who liked the R2 story and the thing most people (here anyway) seemed to enjoy about the baby switch was that AZ got to be in a lead role.
I didn't realize people hated the Baby Switch. I did, but I've always been a minority on that. And i know people hated Rafe 2, but that really wasn't the point. The point is that they are still doing those stories whether the audience likes it or not. They're not doing something "smarter" with the DiMeras. They're doing the same things they've been doing for decades only now they go back and forth from one extreme to another.
I'm pretty certain that the consensus here has always been that AZ made a mediocre story into something watchable. And I think it is the point - the show might be doing the stories but if they're not clicking with the audience the problem just might be that they're too OTT for today's viewers. I'm not commenting on the subject of what's wrong with the Dimeras/Kiriaks's, because there isn't anything wrong with them, but even if there was, having them do more 80s/90s style stuff would be a step in the wrong direction.
My point is that they need to pick one and go with it. If they're going to have them do 80s and 90s type stuff, they need to commit and do it. If they want to have "grey" (and I hate to use that word because no one knows what it means) then they need to drop the 80s 90s stuff and commit. What they've been doing is having them go back and forth between extremes, and that's what's not working IMO.
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