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Mar 24 2013, 08:25 PM
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The once dangerous EJ is nothing more than Sami's lapdog. If he has to take a piss he'll cross his legs and hold it if Sami won't give him permission. He's super excited about :cheer: lipstick and nailpolish :cheer: and :omg: :whee: have you tried his snickerdoodles!!! :licklips:
I don't know.....EJ seemed to get very excited (several times over) when Sami talked to him about killing Nick Fallon.
He needed Sami's permission to do anything about Nick, And he needs his fatha to actually do it for him. He is unable to take on the dangerous Nick Fallon all by his lonesome :scared:
No. Not unable. No need to rehash in this thread, but that's just not how it played out.
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