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GHH2 Spoilers week of March 25

Monica gets some shocking visitors (Audrey, Alan, and later, Rick Webber).

Sonny and Carly receive surprising visitors. (Brenda, Jax).

Laura’s life is threatened.

Patrick happens on the message Robin recorded for him before her death.

Someone is shot.
Shawn jumps in front of a bullet.

Liz is called to the ER to assist in treating the gunshot victim.

TJ is worried when he can't find Shawn.
TJ admits to Shawn that he feels like Shawn is his dad.
Shawn is touched.

Lucy announces a special guest choreographer (Richard Simmons) for the Nurses Ball.

Tracy trashes the lab looking for the recipe for PickleLila.
Tracy vows that AJ won't be the one to save ELQ.

Olivia still feels that Maxie's pregnancy is not all it seems.

Also Coming...

Lucy is thrilled with the new look of the Metro Court ballroom.

Scott blames Bobbie for Luke coming to town years ago.

Felicia decides she has to choose between Frisco and Mac and stick with her decision.
Frisco and Mac get into a fight; Felicia shows up.

Patrick tries to tell Sabrina how he feels, but he is interrupted.

Milo talks to Patrick about Sabrina, saying he will back off if Patrick wants her.

Sabrina decides to to go with Milo to the graduation party after Liz tells her Patrick isn't coming. Once Patrick realizes he does want to have a relationship with her, Milo is going to play dirty to keep them apart.

Rafe leaves his group home in search of Molly.

AJ hires Spinelli to find the missing Quartermaine heir.

AJ is surprised to learn about one of Elizabeth’s old relationships.

The red carpet is rolled out for the Nurse’s Ball.

GH Celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Carly is worried when she doesn't hear from Todd.

Britt and Dr. Orbecht discuss what they have in store for Patrick.
Britt and Dr. Orbecht plan to wreck havoc and disrupt the Nurse's Ball.
Anna sees Dr. Orbecht and Britt together.
Anna is unable to apprehend the doctor.

Rafe comes to the lakehouse to visit Molly but leaves when Shawn tells him she's with TJ.

Tracy hires a new cook for the Quartermaine household.

Felicia is serenaded by both men in her life, in hopes that her heart can be won in song.

Monica is blind-sided by Rick Webber's return.

General Hospitals Happenings
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