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Mar 24 2013, 06:58 PM
Okay, I can see your points...the DiMera days of "Lady in a Cage", "The Pillow Baby" are over the top for todays viewers. Still, watering them down makes them boring - I won't apologize for thinking EJ is a ball-less, purse-carrying, lipstick naming schlub right now - he's more fun when he's in touch with his dark-side and with Sami, he's a snooze. There's no conflict when they all get along & have coffee in the town square, coffeeshop, pub, and everywhere else. Nick as a bad guy? He's a jerk, he's not devious. My thought is that this show needs a dark underbelly - the Kiriakis' served that end once upon a time as well as the DiMera's. I can't really see Justin going all bad-ass on anyone. But Chad? Yeah - I think he might be able to pull it off if something life-changing happened to him. Feel free to hate me all you want, EJ/Sami fans - I have nothing at all against James Scott nor Ali Sweeney, but I just don't like them as a couple. He's better with Ari and Ali is better with Galen. Feel free to chuck rotten tomatoes as I duck behind my desk. :laugh:
He's better with Ari, he's best with Deidre. I could watch Marlena and EJ snark at each other for days.
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