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Mar 24 2013, 09:56 PM
Mar 23 2013, 07:28 PM
So Samantha and William will be asking Stefano for a "favor." Lol, can hear Stefano's operatic music playing in the background while the smoking on one of his cigars. In his Don Corleone voice, he tells mother and son don't worry about it, he will handle it. But at what price? Now we know Stefano never dose anything from the kindness of is heart. Lol, Samantha Brady, has just jumped from the frying pan, into the fire. IMO.
At this rate assuming that Stefano agrees to help them AND asks for "Marlena" in exchange, Sami will 100% give up her own mother for this. Ugh.

Did I miss something? I know Sami is not exactly always at the right side of the law, but is it too much for her to ask for her dad Roman for help, like she always has had whenever she was in deep shit? To be fair, I have always seen Roman pull through for her (e.g. her death row days, among others) so I am wondering why Roman is not even at the top of her head when it comes to these scenarios wherein she could actually use Roman's help. I mean, just because she is bumping EJ doesn't mean she can have all-access pass to get Stefano to scheme for her and Will. Geez.
Yes but at least SOMETHING EXCITING IS HAPPENING! Days has been too mellow so far. A lot of talk and no actions. I only hope they write this right and with consequences.
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