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Mar 24 2013, 04:52 PM
Mar 24 2013, 01:02 PM
My big issue with Sabrina is I think her role and Elizabeth's should be reversed. Hence, Elizabeth is the one driving the story with Sabrina playing a supporting role. I would rather have seen both Elizabeth and Patrick slowly getting over their issues (hers with dependency on men and him working through the grieving process) and finding their way to each other. That said, I do like the friendship that's developed with Elizabeth and Sabrina---she has needed a friend since Emily died---and Sabrina's connection to Emily's old boyfriend Juan was a nice nod to history. And, this is a show called General Hospital, so it makes sense to have character interactions and story lines developing at the hospital.
At first I could have seen a Patrick/Elizabeth relationship developing. But part of me wonders if that RC/FV knew they were going to have Robin be alive, that they didn't want the conflict of two very good friends going for the same guy. Think Elizabeth had been through enough that to have her trapped in another triangle if KM ever came back on a regular basis. On a personal note, I actually am enjoying a whole possible AJ/Elizabeth pairing than I think I would have a Patrick/Elizabeth one. So in that case I am glad they didn't pair up Patrick/Elizabeth.
I too would be hesitant to see Elizabeth stuck in another love triangle. I still need to see a little more of AJ/Elizabeth before supporting them as a couple, but I do like the idea of AJ getting to experience fatherhood. I also think Cameron and Aiden are going to have slight daddy issues as they get older and AJ would be in a unique position to help them deal with having a somewhat neglectful father as of late in Lucky.

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