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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

This Sami we see on screen now dies a mysterious death....The audience discovers that the Sami that has just died, is not the real Sami....Stefano has had her replaced with a doppelganger and the real Sami is in Italy being held prisoner since mid 2007 by Stefano and his hench men.

Lucas falls in love with another women and he finally gets over Sami just in time for the reveal that the person that recently died and had been with EJ, slept with Ej, fell for Rafe and cheated on him with Ej is not the Sami that Lucas married in 2007.....he is conflicted and a triangle starts slowly with Lucas being torn between Sami and this other woman....I need a story with a Lucas centric triangle...I'm done with Sami being at the center of everything.....then the real Sami reverts to scheming to try to win Lucas back.

Ej is killed when he tries to kill Stefano after finding out what he did with Sami....he can't believe that his father would betray him like that and make him fall for a person that wasn't who he thought she was....

Jennifer and Dan are shipped off to Siberia

Nicole is put in danger by her association with Vargas. She discovers what Vargas is up to with Nick and Vargas believes that she can't be trusted to keep the truth to herself, so he kidnaps her and her life is in danger just when Eric rescues her, Vargas goes to kill both and Eric defends himself and Nicole, killing Vargas instead. He then starts to struggle with his decision to be a priest, especially now that he killed another man. Nicole helps him realize that maybe the priesthood is not his best option and Eric slowly lets her know that if it wasn't for the collar, he would have jumped her bones a long time ago...so Nicole removes the collar and they have hot sex...lol
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