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Ejole Lifer

Y'all are exaggerating. First off, it was almost always NICK'S decision to come running to her rescue. Sharon almost always only called Nick when it was concerning Noah. She didn't even tell him he was the father of Faith until pretty far along in the pregnancy and that's only because he overheard a conversation. NICK inserted himself into matters, personal matters about Sharon that didn't concern him when she was with Jack, single, blacking out, etc.. He couldn't stand to see her hurt and going through whatever the hell she was going through. Sharon begged Nick to leave her alone and told him to go back to his wife several times pre-Adam even and he couldn't resist. He even exacerbated her condition. That's when she went to sleeping with Jack and Billy. It eventually broke up his 42983489th marriage to Phyllis because HE was the one who saw a need to be protective over Sharon. So to say that Sharon was calling Nick over any little thing just isn't true.
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