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Thinking a little further, some of the the men's hair from 1986-87 not make the list? I can't find pics, but I'm thinking of RoJohn, Mike, Shane, and Lars rocking sky-high mullets. Lars, in particular, looked like the hair stylists just placed a helmet of hair on his head, though RoJohn and Shane in full poodle mode weren't far behind.

I can't believe I didn't nominate Kim's outfit in this clip. RoJohn rocking the lumberjack look on Christmas also is pretty bad. And poor Andrew. Max and Benji get to dress like normal kids, but Andrew has to dress like a bad maitre d'. (Shane's sweater is from his Cosby-era sweater collection, but this one is hardly the worst of the set.)

One thing I do give the 80s and early 90s wardrobe departments credit for was that the characters actually had wardrobes. They actually would wear the same clothing from time to time, even years later, like real people with closets do. (And not like EJ during his grey suit/pink shirt phase, where wearing the same clothing just made the wardrobe department look cheap.)
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