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Roger Howarth FITS General Hospital perfectly. I think they can make him any number of characters, but I really do hope he's a Quartermaine. Seeing him interacting more with Tracy and AJ could be gold. I hope they can keep his snarkiness and wit because Todd Manning has the best dialogue on all of daytime. I know he has to be different, but making him a Q basically means he has to be witty anyway. And rich. So its perfection already.

As far as Michael Easton, I think this could really be a good thing. After seeing him play Caleb, McBain seemed so DULL. I always hated McBain on OLTL anyway and he wasn't really working for me on GH, but I loved him as Caleb. He showed how much personality Michael Easton actually has. If they bring him in as a totally unrelated character that is kind of a mix between Caleb and McBain, I could see this working out nicely. It would actually be an improvement over before he left. Although I absolutely loved his exit scenes with Sam (Better than any scenes they shared during his whole run) and Anna.

My biggest issue is Kristen Alderson. I started to like Starr and Michael at the verrrrry end. They were really clicking for me and now I'm not sure. Her biggest appeal is her chemistry with Roger Howarth and now they probably won't be allowed to be father/daughter. I don't want her to be Serena Baldwin at all because I'm not sure if she will have chemistry with Lucy, Scotty, and Kevin. But I would prefer that to having her be Franco's daughter. I want Lauren Frank to be a little creepy and shady and I really don't think KA has that in her.

I'm really fine with this. Todd is the only CHARACTER that I would miss out of the three and I think RH is more than capable of making this work seamlessly.
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