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Going to Lisa and Ken's party did Adrienne no favors. Especially not speaking to Lisa or Ken, personally. I do think producers convinced Adrienne to make an appearance for storyline purposes. It's the big end of filming party, and they probably wanted all of the ladies there. Adrienne should've at least said hello to Lisa. I'm all for her being comforted by her friends, but coming in and then leaving without saying anything to the hosts doesn't look good.

Onto the reunion show...

Just when I was starting to like Yolanda. She's a shaaady bitch. I'm glad Kyle and Kim called her out. It sucks that Lisa claims she doesn't believe the sisters. I think she knows Yolanda said those things, but at the moment, her goal is to make Kyle look bad, so anyone against Team Kyle is an ally. Lisa can't be surprised though. Seems like everyone talks behind her back. Everyone besides Brandi. But then again, I wouldn't talk about my meal ticket either.

If it wasn't obvious that this is Taylor's last season with all of the rumors, it certainly was watching. What was the point of her even being there? She said nothing outside of her little segment. They should've just brought her out for the segment and sent her on her way afterwards.

Interesting to hear Lisa call out Kyle for why she really defended Adrienne. I could see it being true. Kyle even said herself that she and Adrienne aren't the great friends the season made them look to be. And while I think Mauricio might be somewhat of a kiss ass when it comes to business, I don't think Kyle falls under that. I think she made that quite clear when she took on Camille in Season 1 and now Lisa. Both ladies were clients of Mauricio.

LOL at Andy fooling the ladies about bringing out the "new housewife."
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