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If I was Will I will I will make a deal with the devil to get Nick out of my daughter's life.
IMO, it's less that he's going to Stefano at all, and more that he's starting by going to Stefano. He's done nothing himself, and he hasn't gone to any of his normal support system. It'd have been nice if instead of standing open mouthed and mute all this time, he'd have been going through this with people like Marlena, Kate, Chad, Abby, Winston, and Caroline and if they couldn't help (and after repeated warnings) then he could go to Stefano. The baby isn't even born. There's no hurry.
yes, i wouldn't mind Will going to Stefano a few weeks/months after the baby's born after trying on his own to get his daughter back, using Jen/Hope/Hortons to try to convince Nick, and then moving on the Kate/Sami/Lucas, before finally going to Stefano when he realizes he has no other choice. The way this is playing out, it just makes Will look like a putz.
Personally I would find Will more of a putz if he wasted months tap dancing around the real issue while Nick tightened his grip and solidified his legal position over his daughter. That's like asking a cancer patient to meditate on it for a few months before he decides to get surgery. By then the Nick cancer would have spread and killed Will's chances of getting his daughter back.
I would say that Will going to Stefano before he lifts a finger to help himself is more like sombody being diagnosed with skin cancer on their arm, so they have themselves skinned alive instead of getting treatment and surgery on the affected area. Will has family in the SPD who can and have made evidence disappear, and through Sonny he has the Greek mafia, who haven't put his family through hell.
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