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Mar 26 2013, 07:25 AM
Mar 26 2013, 06:14 AM
Mar 26 2013, 06:11 AM
Lets not forget that Will is 19yrs old.
and? He was younger when he shot to kill EJ. He was younger when he tried to blackmail Ej and then got blackmailed in return. He needs to step up and do SOMETHING first and try other things, go to other people before he sells his soul to the devil, because in the end, it's never a good thing when you have to go to the father of the man you tried to kill for help. Knowing who Stefano is, and what he tends to do to get revenge on those he deems should get it....It's really a stupid move on his part and even more stupid for his mother and her boyfriend to lead him right to him.
The writers painted Will into a corner. If he confessed, he's a a selfish brat who throws Hope and Lucas under the bus. If he does nothing - he's weak and passive and all other euphemisms that aren't precisely the thing that Nick has called him and Sonny but certain people will love throwing at him with great emphasis as they cheer for Nick. If he goes to Stefano, he's made deal with the devil. If Sonny helps him and gets in trouble he's a bad boyfriend. If he went to Victor, he'd be involving Sonny's family in his mess and proving Adrienne right.

Honestly, for drama's sake if not common sense's sake, Stefano is good option. I'd still prefer it be Kate, who may still have it in her to help with no strings, but at least the story is going to move forward.
I honestly think Nick is the one painted into a corner here. No matter what happens he will lose (as he should, he's no claim to that baby) but why did they do this to his character I will never understand. Will is just being stupid but people in Salem are still on his side. Nick on the other hand has mysteriously turned into the biggest biggotted douche and when the truth comes out he'll have no one. It's very clear to which side the writing is skewed and it's not in Nick's favor.
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