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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

Here's PPs response to the news about the RH/KA/MiE heading back to GH as new characters: http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/news/the-other-side-of-the-story-prospect-park-tried-to-work-deal-to-share-characters-with-gh-to-no-avail/2013/03/25/

I don't mind this as much as I did when I read it yesterday. Although I hate that RH/KA/MiE won't be a part of the new OLTL outside of the 4 wks RH is filming now, at least they won't be on GH continuing their lives elsewhere when they should be in Llanview. I couldnt take much more of Carly/Todd or Starr/Michael..only GH pairing I'll miss is McBam. And as entertaining as Todd has been on GH (minus his forced pairing with Carly) goofy, loveable Todd is a far cry from the Todd I remember. I'm willing to see what they do with RH and ME this time around, KA is useless to me. I only tolerate her because she's the love child of one of my favorite couples.
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