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The scene yesterday at the ranch had me rolling my eyes. I thouight it was pretty bad writing and acting on all parts. The henchman cracked me up; Nick and Victoria yelling; Paul and Alex the bad asses; they were getting ready to tear him a new one and the next thing you know Alex is at the club checking on Abby like they were a big thing. Have they even had a real date other than the wedding? Couldn't a police car come out the same time as the ambulance. They called 911^o) Why was Paul and Alex left at the Ranch all by themselves with "Bob". Oh and everyone standing right outside the front door like that was going to protect them if the Ranch blew up, got me tickled. "We got some cold people out here" says Paul. Seriously, cold was the issue? And for pete sakes, someone wash Victor's hands!!!

All in all I hope this shooting puts an end to the Victor/Adam daddy issues too, but in doing that please don't make this all about Adam. He can't stand anymore heroics going to his head.
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