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Mar 26 2013, 11:51 AM
The RHOBH reunion was laughable at best. Kim was a hot mess. YO LAND DA OMFG, I was like Shut the fuck up!

Regarding the Yolanda and Lisa situation in Paris. Did Yolanda really call Lisa phoney? I remember Kim crying about Lisa, and all Yolanda said was "Did she (Lisa) call you to check up on you?" Or something to that effect and that was all. But whatever.

What makes me nervous is that Kyle kept on getting tweets about why Faye was there and Kyle said atleast twice and quoted each time Faye is a "cast member" and has to attend certain events. So is she going to be the newest housewife??? God I hope not.
I love love love Kim Richards! She can do no wrong in my eyes. I'm so glad she came to the reunion guns blazing. Stay sober, Kim! It works for you.

There was the conversation between Yolanda, Kim and Kyle that was filmed. But I'm pretty sure Kyle and Kim were talking about a conversation that took place in the hotel room, not at the store. I believe the Richards sisters. Yolanda even called Lisa out in her interview. It's not until Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa banded together to go after Kyle that Yolanda wants to now act like she's never said a negative thing about Lisa. I do believe she told Kim that Lisa talks behind her back, and isn't Kim's real friend. Kyle knows this game very well. As much as Lisa. She's not going to call you out on something if it wasn't said, because she doesn't want to end up with egg on her face. Kyle knew what was she doing in calling out Yolanda. It's a shame Lisa claims she doesn't believe it, only to make Kyle look bad. For two seasons now, Lisa's been told everyone talks behind her back. You'd think she would believe it by now.

As for Kyle's tweets about Faye, Faye is a cast member. She's a "Friend of the Housewives" and gets paid to film with the ladies, attend events, give interviews, etc. I'm sure she's not paid as much as the main housewives, but she is a part of the cast. I believe that's what Kyle was referring to. Not that Faye is going to be a cast member next season.

There was a time where I thought Faye would make a great addition to the cast in Season 4. But then the death threats started coming in, and I have to take that back. I don't even think Faye, in all her famewhoring glory, would want t be a member of this cast after receiving those threats. If you've noticed, her interviews have stopped, and she's only posted that one blog on Bravo that was taken down. These fans are nuts! Death threats?! Really?! Brandi and Lisa seem to draw the same friends Teresa draws from RHONJ.
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