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Marlena and Belle-Mother and Daughter

Mar 26 2013, 02:05 PM
I read that Sy (the mugger) goes to Kritter for hush money - she tells him off (probably because they beat up the wrong guy - John was the intended target) and he goes to Marlena. Why? Not sure...I also read a spoiler/scoop that hints that Kritter finds out about it and asks Marlena...who tells her that Sy is her patient, so she can't tell anyone anything due to doctor/patient confidentiality. I read too that Kritter is blackmailed...my bet? Marlena gets in touch with her inner bitch (BOUT TIME!) and gives Kritter plenty of stuff to think about. Are John and Brady in on this together? Or are they just being complete shitheads right now & Marlena (maybe with Sami's help...John asks her for help to keep an eye on Brady since they're both living in the DiMansion) gets enough dirt on Kritter to own her again. Regardless, I'm just glad this storyline seems to be making some progress and that John is back in Salem. Yes, he's being a douche, but who knows Kristen better than he? No matter what though, I have faith that J&M will re-unite - hopefully sooner rather than later - and no matter how they're being written that Deidre and Drake are some of the most talented people in daytime.
I hope you're right! I'm sick and tired of the way John is treating Marlena. He would never treat Marlena this way! My J&M loving heart is breaking. But I am sticking it out because of my love for J&M and Deidre and Drake because they are just so damn good at what they do! :D
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