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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Mar 26 2013, 03:03 PM
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I think Chrishnell as a Sarah Horton re-cast sounds like a good guess. I like the idea of bringing on a new 30ish woman who is connected to one of the families. The only thing disappointing about that is that it would mean she can't be paired with Lucas.
Salemites don't appear to have issues with dating adopted relatives, so Lucas is in if he wants to be. ;)
Aw man, I know, but Mickey raised her since she was a baby. EWWWW!

But, you know what? A Sarah Horton and Lucas Horton pairing could actually be an awesome story if they made that forbidden/familial aspect a prominent part of the story. They develop an attraction, but both try to deny it because of the weird, family connection. But then, the draw is too strong and they eventually give in, rationalizing that they're not really related by blood. Of course, they keep it a secret because they know how upset their family will be. Maggie eventually discovers their secret and is super angry. Soapy!!
and hits the bottle again..making Lucas extra guilty of what he's done.....

If Bryan wouldn't have decided to leave in 2009 after he was taken off contract, the rumored story being developed at the time was Maggie hitting the bottle again after Mickey's death with Lucas being her support system....in a roundabout sort of way, I can see Whitesell coming back to that somehow....but then again as I said they are more invested in Rafe than they are in Lucas but the storyline possibilities for a forbidden relationship of this nature is certainly there and very soapy....
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