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I gave the reunion a rewatch.

What interested me the most was Kyle's assertion that her and Adrienne weren't all that close. This really puts the final nail in Adrienne's credibility in my eyes. If it's true that she wasn't really as friendly with her as the season made it appear then why was she, and Faye by extension, propagating Surogacygate as much as they were? What were all those "Poor Adrienne", "I wish Adrienne were here", "Where's Adrienne?", "I miss Adrienne"?

If this were really as private a matter as Adrienne would have us believe why did she have her friends fighting a battle in absentia? To distract from the marital problems and impending divorce perhaps? To finally gain the level of fame she'd desired by creating a media frenzy? Because all that needed to happen so nothing came out was for Adrienne, Kyle, Kim, Taylor and Faye to have had no reaction -- no reaction = dinner scene becomes pointless = unaired = no tabloids ......
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