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Mar 26 2013, 05:31 PM
If you believe that Michael Fairman spin piece you need help. I don't trust ABC at all, but Michael Fairman is obviously in Prospect Park's pocket with the way he wrote that article.

If you think ABC wouldn't lend KA for a week and ME for a month and be done with it, you're crazy! First of all the actors might not have wanted to do it because of the way things went down beforehand. KA has repeatedly said she had no plans to do OLTL, but if ABC said go work there for a week she likely would have.

I'm positive PP wanted to have creative control of the characters WHILE they were on General Hospital and the option for crossovers whenever they want. As much as I love Ron Carlivati and as much as I WORSHIP Thom Racina they would have made a total mess out of all of the characters trying to write three different characters working on two shows.
I felt the same way too as I read the Fairman piece. I just can't believe this was over a couple of weeks of work. While I am glad PP is bringing the shows back, I have just not always trusted them. I recall another time where there were problems it was the WGA's fault and PP felt they were being completely fair in their dealings and the WGA wasn't being cooperative. Not that I trust ABC 100% either, but they profit just the same if the online shows are successful. I wouldn't put it past ABC to be saying have the characters, we'll take the actors as a negotiation tactic. I believe there is more to this story and more to come.

Someone needs to serious create a show of all the behind the scenes drama of a soap opera.
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