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Roger Howarth SHOULD play a Quartermaine, IMO. That is best case scenario. Being a Quartermaine and a Cassadine would limit him some so I hope that particular Quartermaine isn't true. Did they even have a kid? Roger Howarth and whoever played Tony Cassadine kinda look alike though. I could see it working. I wish he would be Victor Cassadines kid, if he's going to be a Cassadine because Thaao could come back!

I'm fine with that casting for Michael Easton too because I want him to be a mix of McBain and Caleb. It will give him a chance to have more personality. But this will be 3 people that look exactly the same. I mean c'mon...

I've never been happy at all about this idea of Kristen Alderson playing Serena, but I would suck it up if that means Scotty and Lucy get contracts and Kevin goes on recurring or a contract.
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