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I actually loved today's show. Maybe it was simply the Fetchlessness of it all.

Sami looked fab - that outfit is so flattering on her and her pre-sex rats' nest turned into a pretty cute post-sex updo. Go figure. And I'm so glad that Will has finally decided to join TeamWill. I have to LOL at Swill thinking they're going to trick Steffy into helping them. They're so adorably clueless.

Man, I feel like I've seen this Abby-Cameron scene where she put the brakes on sex about 20 times. And it just never, ever gets interesting. Like ever.

Really Rate? About to go at it on Gabi's bed? Classy. The "on your knees" thing worked with the dirty-hot vibe I like them to have though. Plus, I love douchey Rufus and that was totally douchey! LOL at Sonny acting like he'd seen a train wreck.

I know John's being a dick to Marlena and is probably out of character overall, but I'm enjoying him more than I have since his return. He kinda reminds me of RoboJohn which is a big improvement on Original Recipe John IMO. And I'm starting to be hopeful for the conclusion of the Bristen engagement story. It's still not clear how the fallout will hurt anybody, but for some reason, I'm starting to think it might have some actual impact. Anyway, it's at least got me intrigued again.

And I enjoy it anytime we see some interactions we don't see everyday... Sami/Sonny/Kate, Will/Justin, Stefano/Brady and especially Sonny/Justin. Just a fun show all around today!
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