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The only thing that jumped out at me about the BH reunion is how much of a SHOW this is. Yolanda's scenes with Kyle about the cleanse totally felt like a substitution move, and that's what they were. She and Kim were scheduled to do that, Kim flaked (thus robbing Yolanda of an important scene in her character development). But it was arranged through production.

And Kyle's whole "Adrienne and I aren't close" after the weeping goodbye at Lisa's makes me question her a bit more than I have in the past.

Then the whole Kyle vs. Yolanda on-camera vs. not filming discussion...

I've never expected reality tv to be real. But damn if they didn't throw back the curtain last night.

Also, I think Faye is production's bitch and it bit her in the ass. She was never Kyle's mouthpiece, imho, she stood in for Adrienne (which I think I said before). And whatever she's getting as a result of that- fine. You sell yourself, that's the risk you take imho (though death threats- she's not worth it, really).

It's all kind of a joke. Which would be fine if it weren't so fucking boring last night, and so fucking secretive throughout the season.

Brandi looked like she was wearing a mask. It was disconcerting.

Also disconcerting- I really liked Taylor. Loved how she dealt with Kim (who I really dislike at times- if she can't own up to her part in Game Night she's not really following any steps to sobriety, far as I'm concerned. Take some responsibility at some point, y'know?).
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