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Another J/M episode, another nail in their respective coffins as characters I recognize. Granted, it wasn't as bad as their last appearance. I'm still shocked that the writers would have John tell Marlena to "stay out of my life". Those words would simply never fall from his mouth. What. Shitty. Writing. Today John *only* told Marlena to "stay out of it", which I suppose is an improvement. But the damage is done.

And of course, Marlena is still acting like some dopey doormat, calling John "honey" almost apologetically, and easily falling for Kristen's set-up. All the while John continues to act like an ass towards Marlena. Brady's idiocy I'm fine with. It actually makes sense given what his character has been through, and it serves the plot well, irritating as his stupidity is.

Not sure how much more of this I can stomach. These characters are on the road to ruin. And if the writers have John willingly sleep with Kristen...well, it might be nice to have one more free hour a day. Or at the very least the fifteen minutes I'll save by ff-ing through their story until the Nick story wraps up.
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