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I was just imagining Sonny is kinda like Joey from FRIENDS when he found out Monica and Chandler were hooking up. Then they spent months forcing him to keep the secret, then Rachel, then Phoebe then Ross each found out in their own shocking way. Sonny should have some fun with this.

1st Will find out. Then he's like "What the hell, Rafe!? First my Mom, then my grandma!? Dude, if I catch even looking at my great grandma Caroline, I'm kicking your ass."

Then Sami catches them doing it: "Ahhhh!! My eyes! MY EYES!!" and then she goes hysterically blind.

Then after Sami processes it, she tells EJ and then decide to screw with Rafe and Kate for fun by separately coming on to them in front of each other to get them to confess.

Finally, Lucas finds out and is all "THAT'S. MY. MOOOOO-THHH--EERRR!!!" and clocks Rafe.
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