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Sweet and Salty

Mar 26 2013, 09:04 PM
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I can't believe how John is treating Marlena. As bad as that is, I find it even more unbelievable that Marlena is just standing there and letting him treat her like that! ARGH! So frustrating.

Will is unbelievable. Nothing justifies what he is doing. And let's not all forget that Nick would have nothing on Will if Will hadn't tried to murder somehow. So really - how much better is Will than Nick - now Will is sanctioning another murder - he knows full what Stefano is capable of doing and he's more than anxious to have Stefano do it.

Brady - oh lord - save us from having to listen to that blithering idiot any longer. He deserves evey painful thing Kristen and Stefano are going to do to him.

Will has NEVER said he wants Nick dead. He just wants Nick out of his daughters life. Hell, even crazy Sami stopped short of wanting him dead. She wants only Nick sent back to prison.

I'm sure Stefano does much more than just off people, right?
Yeah, I assumed that a corrupt judge on Stefano's payroll could yank Nick's parole, or said judge could fix the shooting of EJ legal wise and have all the potentially charges dismissed (something I'm sure Justin could do legally since no witnesses besides Will would testify.) Honestly, when has Stefano ever killed anyone (besides a minor character)? At worst, he'd snatch the person and replace them with a double or something. Straight up murder hasn't been his style since the mid-80s.
Thank you!! I was trying to find the clip where Will said I want that homophobe dead!!! :rolleyes:
It sounded to me he was HUGELY implying that he wants Nick dead! Saying something to the effect of "getting Nick out of the picture"... Or "getting rid of Nick"...No he didn't say it outright, but when you go to Stephano, he doesn't like just slap your wrist.
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