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I LOVED the Maxie/Frisco scenes! It's scenes like this that soaps can do better than any other genre. So much history and angst. Them talking about Georgie and missing time - made me cry. And I loved that Maxie was loyal to Mac.

I don't like how Anna and Felicia made their dilemmas/relationship histories sound the same. Duke was kidnapped and held in a Turkish prison for two decades. Frisco was a deadbeat dad and a flaky lover. NOT the same!!

Frisco is a charming, flawed, selfish bastard. So glad that Mac finally hit him. Team Mac!!! If Felicia chooses Frisco over Mac again, it will make her the worst mother and pathetic woman of all time. If she can't have respect for herself - at least love her children enough not to choose the man that she's always chosen over her children. Puke!
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