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Were there no more scenes this week after Mac decked Frisco?! This sucks!!! I loved Mac/Duke scenes. Loved Kevin/Mac scenes. Loved Kevin being jealous of Scotty. Love all the vets, the return of Nikolas and the kidnaping of Lulu.

I hate the newbies and FFWD Felix, Britt, Sabrina (and unfortunately Patrick now, because he's tied to them).

I don't think Helena had Nikolas shot. I think all the villains have teamed up but have their own agendas. I can't wait for the nurse's ball!!!

I think Sonny/Kate weren't on this week. Hallelujah. Or if they were, I didn't have to watch their scenes. Yeah!!!

I'm pissed that the OLTL actors are coming as different characters. I would rather the budget and time be spent on keeping the vets. Todd was funny, but Lucy is also hilarious and has more history/ties. Frees up Carly to have more antics with AJ and the Qs. Carly doesn't have to be in a romance to be interesting. Ugh. I don't think I want to continue watching if we lose all the vets and just have flat newbies. :tears:
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