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camera shy

Mar 27 2013, 09:04 AM
This epi was mediocre for me. I love every blessed Kristen scene, but that is solely due to ED and not the actual s/l. I want to see someone, anyone's fucking plan at this point. Where are the schemes? What is the potential fallout? Why is John a douche and why is Marlena just dealing with it? Kristen/Marlena confrontations and Kristen/Stefano moments have by faaaar been the most enjoyable pieces of this story.

Someone else said this already too: Sami & Will going to Stefano is stupid. Why not Will & Sonny going to Chad? Chad knows at this point Stefano really wants a relationship with him so why not use that to help his friend since he fucked things up with Will at the wedding for whatever? Even though Chad bores me to tears...Kate also should have more to do that fuck around with Eyebrows. This "pairing" shouldn't have gone beyond that one awkward night. Though I did enjoy Sonny's reaction as well.

Cameron and Abby are as boring and repetative as Tannifer. It's like...yay! There's no Tanniifer today!! But shit...there they are....Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Good point about Wilson having Chad be the one to ask for Stefano's help. And Chad would love to stick it to Gabi.
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