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Kate on her knees was just Days keepin it classy. Nothing like making the characters look as though they're going to deliver the first on screen blow job.

Will needs a hard smack to the head. Pairing up with your mom and one of her ideas when you have so many other resources? How about at least exhausting one of those first? This is a kid who tries to reason things out, so I find his impulsiveness to jump in bed with Stefano first thing a bit of a stretch.

Sonny, we all feel your pain. No one should have to witness what you did poor chap. Sadly while you'll escape more eye scorching trauma we'll be saddled with much more.

Cameron and Abby are a snooze.

The Brady/Kristen tale has lost momentum for me. John's a jerk. Marlena is wimpy. Brady would rather hate his father and shake Stefano's hand. He's also living with Ej who he beat to a pulp without hardly any animosity. He's a big gullible oaf. The Kristen/Marlena confrontations have been the best thing going with all this, but that's not enough to carry it. It feels thrown together and I expected more compelling story with what should be their huge comeback tale for Kristen.
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