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No matter what you think, I DO love you.

I'm still holding out hope for Milo and Ellie so I hope the show doesn't go the gay route with him. I don't mind the Milo/Sabrina interactions, they seem to fit better than her and Patrick. So so over the Patrick/Sabrina thing, I just don't see "it" with them. It worked as the younger Sabrina having a crush on the older sexy doctor but now that Patrick is having "revelations" about her...uhm yeah no. And the constant Sabrina pimping by the surrounding bunch of nurses is nauseating.

And I'm glad Felix is irritated with her for going out with Milo. I mean she just completely ignores Felix/Emma because Milo escorted her to the party. What a loser. And she knows what a big crush Felix has on him and she's not even over Patrick yet. Eh, she annoys me.

I like seeing Nicholas back even though he's currently unconscious. Interested in seeing his interactions with Elizabeth when he wakes up. Love seeing the vets on canvas, they just give that show the home feel.
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