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An Annoucement made at the nurses ball change lives forever

A confused couple must figure out how to they ended in bed together

A longtime feud is anything but resolved

Two old friends reconnect

Will Carly be able to let go of the past

Monica pushes AJ to know what's up between him and Elizabeth

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Titles and Previews

Monday ("The Answer")
Felicia gives Frisco an answer to his proposal; Patrick honors Robin; Britt makes her news known.

Tuesday ("Britt's News")
Britt's announcement rocks the crowd; Molly and TJ sing a duet; Ellie confronts Maxie about what she is hiding; AJ and Liz kiss.

Wednesday ("Bobby Consoles Scott")
AJ and Liz take the next step in their relationship; Carly walks in on Brenda with a guest of her own.

Thursday ("Luke and Laura's Nightmare")
Luke and Laura get devastating news from Nikolas; Brenda and Carly battle it out in the Metro Court lobby.

Friday ("Monica's Elated")
Monica is overjoyed over AJ and Liz's relationship; Maxie and Mac discuss how they feel about one another.

GHH2 Teasers week of April 8th

The Nurses’ Ball continues with singing and dancing all week long, mixed with deceptions, dirty deeds, disasters, and denouements. There’s a dance number you won’t want to miss, poignant moments calling for multiple tissues, and drama in droves.

Get ready for "Epiphany and the Revelations".

Olivia does an act at the Nurses Ball as a Bensonhurst medium.

Olivia has a dire vision.

Patrick makes a promise to Sabrina.

Maxie and Mac renew their bond.

Britt's onstage announcement shocks Patrick.

Dante finds a body.

Carly and Brenda mix it up in the lobby of the MetroCourt.

Brenda ends up in bed with someone unexpected.

Who returns to Sonny...Kate or Connie?

Nikolas reveals something “terrible.”

AJ is jealous of Elizabeth’s close relationship with Nik.

AJ confronts Nikolas.

General Hospital Happenings

TV Guide Previews

4/8, Song, dance and deception are all in store as the Nurses Ball continues. Citizens of Port Charles perform a can't-miss dance number that will go down in Nurses Ball history. A moving tribute leads to a dramatic announcement.

4/9, An announcement made at the Nurses Ball will change lives. The Nurses Ball concludes with more performances including a showstopper!

4/10, A couple must piece together how they ended up in bed together. A longtime feud is anything but resolved.

4/11, Two old friends reconnect. Will Carly be able to let go of the past?

4/12, Will a dramatic discovery leads to someone's death? Monica pushes AJ to know what's up between him and Elizabeth. Brenda asks to meet with Sonny. Are her feelings for Sonny unresolved?
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